The future of Web Marketing

The future of your business is online.  Whether you are marketing a product, setting up a company or business or simply want a little more exposure, online advertising is the way forward. There are several aspects to online marketing; all go hand in hand with a healthy profit margin and bringing new customers to your door.

The first step in an online advertising campaign is usually to build a company website. Your website should have several essential details, firstly, a logo. Creating a stand out and recognisable logo for your business will give your audience something to remember you by and relate to you.

Think of a big corporate business, Mc Donalds for example, you can bet the first image that comes into your head is that big red and yellow M. Creating a good logo could give your product this exposure. You also need some well written information about your company on your website, avoid complicated terminology and marketing jargon, be straightforward and simple with your wording and tell your audience exactly what it is you’re offering them. Most companies hire a copywriter to do this bit for them; a decent skilled copywriter will be able to write SEO friendly content that will get your website up in search engine rankings, giving it more exposure and a higher amount of traffic.

Once you have your website, you can start thinking about display advertising. Most websites you visit will give you an example of display advertising, usually found down the right hand sidebar of the screen. The advertisement is usually a static image that will link you to a page or product. Display advertising is becoming increasingly accurate as websites are now using cookies to track websites people are visiting and giving them relevant advertisements to their viewing habits, this is known as behavioural targeting and though it is effective, it does raise ethical problems.

The next course of action is social media advertising. It is commonplace today to put your private life online via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and a whole host of other social media sites, this is also a valuable and profitable marketing tactic. Create a profile for your company on various social media sites, Twitter, Facebook and Pintrest are the most well known. Follow other local businesses and similar products and you will see your followers climb.

This will give you direct and instant access to your audience, instead of them seeking you out, you can find them and advertise your offers and products in their daily lives via their online news feeds. It only takes a couple of quick updates a day to see your website traffic soar!



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